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Holocaust - Jewish topics

This is an ever-growing section of articles that were written by Rick Landman and are on the internet. Some go back for years and show the evolution of thought. They are meant to raise some issues and for discussion. The run the gamut of topics from historical, religious, and political themes. This is in addition to the articles written in the BLOGS section.

Articles on LGBT German Jewish Holocaust topics Essay on German Citizenship Essay on Being Jewish and gay Essay on Flower Power

Family Stories

Tales from my paternal and maternal side of my family

Family Stories Information about the Landman Family Information about my Maternal Side of the Family

Click on either of the icons above to read stories about both sides of Rick Landman's family. His father and grandfather were among the Jews sent to Dachau after Kristallnacht, and then his father got to London, then New York City where he later joined the U.S. Army and went back to Europe and was with the first Americans to liberate his hometown of Augsburg, Munich and Dachau. His maternal grandfather was one of the earliest Jews who had to flee Germany in March 1933.

Kristallnacht: 24 hour story of Henry Landman's arrest
Kristallnacht: 24 hour story of Henry Landman's arrest


24 Hour story of Henry Landman's Arrest on November 10, 1938
- November 9, 2014

It was November 9, 1938 and my 18 year old father and his family went to sleep in their apartment in Augsburg as usual after hearing on the radio that a 17 year old Jewish boy shot a German official in Paris. Two Gestapo agents in green Bavarian garb rang the doorbell at his family's apartment at 5 a.m. in the morning. His aunt (who was to die a few years later in the camps) answered the door. All they said was, "Does Heinz Landmann live here?"[…]Continue Reading

LGBT Stories

Stories with LGBT content

matthew Fag Bashing Is Not New!

Read how Rick Landman was fag bashed for being the head of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) at the University of Buffalo (UB).

bowlingThe End of Women's Bowling!

Read how Rick Landman ended the separation of the sexes when it came to taking Bowling Gym classes at U.B.
Joe DallesandroHow Rick Landman discovered Joe Dallesandro years before Andy Warhol.

Read how Rick Landman discovered Joe Dallesandro years before Andy Warhol did. Joe was Rick's second grade crush.

Riding the Arc of History
My book- "Riding the Arc of History"

My Book

"Riding on the Arc of History

Rick Landman's manuscript, with a working title of "Riding the Arc of History" is ready to find a literary agent or publisher. You can read an excerpt of the book by clicking on the icon to the left. The main thrust of this humorous read is to show the worldview of a minority of minorities. Growing up after World War II with a German culture in America, as an openly gay teenager with a strong Jewish background makes for some interesting stories.

Blogs written by Rick Landman


Blogs on LGBT, Jewish, Holocaust topics

This is the link to the Blogs written from the viewpoint of a gay Jewish German American son of two refugees. Some are news stories, some are a series of short articles, some just tell a story.

Museum of Jewish Heritage Speech

Videos by Rick Landman

LGBT and Holocaust Related

If you would like to watch some videos featuring talks by Rick Landman, click on the above heading. They tend to be on topics dealing with the Holocaust, or LGBT History, or the interconnection of both.