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LGBT German Group
LGBT German Group Launches In New York City

LGBT German Group Launches In New York City

From German Pulse October 16, 2013

Taking an inspiration from Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, who using today's terminology was a gay German (actually he was a Prussian who loved men, according to Benjamin Franklin), a social group for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Germans is now launching in New York City. The new group is called "LGBT-Germans" and is for LGBT people residing in, or visiting, New York; as well as LGBT people of German Descendants, Dual LGBT German-American citizens, and their partners or spouses.

"LGBT-Germans" is starting off with an email list to keep in touch, and welcoming German LGBT visitors to our City; as well as forming links with those living in the NYC area. There are two planned events scheduled as another way of meeting each other; There will be a night out at a "gay-friendly" bar/restaurant in December, and a free Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan focusing on NYC's German roots in the Spring. If all goes well, "LGBT-Germans" can consider other ways where LGBT Germans and German-Americans can meet in the future.

You can help in the effort if you know of any LGBT Germans that may be interested. If you have the time to help with us spreading the news through social media, please also drop us an email at