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Second Generation of Refugees, BY RICK LANDMAN

12 Lessons I Learned from the Holocaust
12 Lessons I Learned from the Holocaust

What happens to the Next Generation of Refugees?

A Series Written By of a Child of 2 German Jewish Refugees,
by Rick Landman - November 2, 2014


1. Thou shall not demonize or de-humanize whole groups of people.

There are good and bad people in all groups. Love thy neighbor as thyself, and remember when others were mean to you. This includes the LGBT and Muslim communities, as well as Southern Republicans.

2. Thou shall not judge all citizens by the leaders of their government.

Remember the majority of Americans voted for Gore and were not in favor of the Iraq War, and the majority of Germans didn't vote for Hitler in 1933. Very often it is hard to prevent your country's leaders from doing terrible things.

3. Thou shall not judge all groups by their radical elements.

Every group has their crazies. Whether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim there are people whose actions will embarrass you.

4. The Nazis copied the KKK's love for segregation and violence; and while Racism exists, I question the actual concept of "Races".

Remember America made segregation the Law of the Land in 1896 and only overturned it in 1964. America had millions of people who had membership in the KKK and they were terrorizing minorities way before 1933. Neo-Nazi is a misnomer, since the Nazis copied us. Right wing violent thugs are not neo-Nazi; they are old fashioned American bigots. Besides, there is no Ayran race, or Jewish race, etc. While there are racial supremacists who oppress others for their differences, there is only one human race, with many cultures and sub-cultures and varieties of DNA with minor differences for things like eye, hair, and skin color.

5. Israel was to be a true democracy for all, regardless of religion or sex, as well as a homeland for all Jews, but not a supremacist theocracy.

The draft Constitution for Israel protected everyone's right regardless of religion or sex. A Jewish Homeland was to co-exist in the Middle East as a democracy. It is only recently that the concept of a democratic Homeland was replaced with a Jewish supremacy theocracy, with Orthodoxy being the predominate power. One can be pro-Israel while opposing the policies of the Ultra-Settlers, the Ultra-Orthodox, and those who don't mind "mowing the lawn" every few years.

6. Ghettos and segregation are bad for anyone.

No one likes to be stuck behind walls and isolated off from the mainstream.

7. Restitution and accountability are needed to stop the transfer of pain down through the generations.

No one should lose their property rights so that others can gain without re-imbursement of the taking.

8. There were centuries of German Jewish culture that needs to be remembered.

We should not only remember the 12 years of Nazi horror, but also the centuries where Jews were a part of German culture. Jews gain full citizenship in 1871 in Germany and in America equal rights came in 1964.

9. Thou shall speak out immediately when groups are being demonized, but do not cry "Wolf" with labels that shut down debate.

Shout and demonstrate when others' rights are being taken, but question when demagogues use a cause just for publicity or to squash debate. Just because a play has villains who may be anti-Jewish or anti-Israel or anti-Israeli policies, doesn't mean that we cannot it in its total context and discuss it .

10. Ethnic Cleansing is morally wrong, even if it is ordained by your god.

Even if your scriptures say it is OK to kill men, women and children or plunder and rape you still have a moral higher authority to say no. Thou shall not murder should not have so many loopholes to be able to kill people.

11. All religions interpret their scriptures to satisfy their belief structures, and pick and choose parts they want to emphasize.

People have found almost everything they want to defend somewhere in their scriptures. This includes slavery, women's inequality, Antisemitism, ethnic cleansings, homophobia, etc. Pick the good parts of your scriptures and question or interpret away the bad ones.

12. Even civilized countries can turn into killing machines if violence is used to scare the public and demagogues demonize minorities.

America stopped its KKK from committing violence with federal policing and court actions. Hitler used the SA to force his views on the public. Illegal force is what transformed an elected democracy into a fascist killing machine.

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